How to Expunge Criminal Record Los Angeles

California offers a wide range of remedies designed to help deserving people be more productive and get more out of life. Whether the offense was as a juvenile or adult, felony or misdemeanor, or if the sentence was a fine or time in prison, California offers ways for you to make it easier to find a good job and put the past behind you. provides a free online eligibility test where you can quickly find out the best way to clear your criminal record in California.

California allows you to seal records of arrests that did not lead to a conviction when you can prove that there was no reasonable basis to believe you committed the offense. California’s expungement law permits someone convicted of a crime to petition the court to re-open the case, set aside the plea, and dismiss the case.

If you are not facing any current charges or on probation for another offense and your sentence did not involve state prison (as opposed to county jail), California law allows you to have your misdemeanor conviction expunged after you complete your probation.