Expungement Background Checks

California courts will update the California Department of Justice after an expungement is granted.  However, the commercial background checks that are used by most employers are not notified about the expungement.  As a result, background check companies often report expunged records for up to year after the court expunges the record.  The consequences can be devastating for who are looking for a job.


With an estimated 84 percent of employers doing background checks, having the background companies update their record is an essential part of the expungement process.  Expungement law firms, such as RecordGone.com, who is the sponsor of this site, offer a service to expedite the updating of more than 600 background checks.  The service, called Expedited Criminal Database Update, reduces the time it takes for background check companies to be updated from more than a year to less than 2 weeks.  The law firm offers the service to anyone who has had their record expunged.  The price ranges from $150 to $250.


Individuals can request that background checks update their records to reflect the expungement.   However, the process can be daunting.  Background check companies are regulated by federal law, The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the industry is not licensed so there is no way of knowing how exactly many background check companies exist.