Choosing a Los Angeles Attorney

Choosing a qualified and specialized expungement attorney in Los Angeles can mean the difference between clearing your criminal record or emptying your wallet. Any California licensed attorney can represent you in court, but an attorney who specializes in expungement can usually achieve success faster and for less money… it just makes sense; someone who has done something hundreds of times has more experience and is more likely to get it done quicker than someone who only has expunged a few records. Each court has its own rules and procedures. Knowing these rules from the start can lead to greater chances of success with your expungement and your record being expunged sooner. offers a low-price guarantee with specialized expungement and record sealing experience for the County of Los Angeles and the Southern California region. Take their free online eligibility test.  If you cannot afford an attorney or want to find out attorneys who can handle your expungement matter, you can contact the California State Bar.

Before you choose a record sealing lawyer in Los Angeles, there are steps you can take to ensure that your criminal record is cleared promptly and successfully.

  • Is the expungement attorney licensed with the California State Bar Association?
  • Does the expungement lawyer specialize in expungement / record sealing?
  • Can you speak to the attorney?
  • Are the expungement services provided as a flat fee or hourly rate?
  • Will the expungement attorney go to court for you?
  • Does the price include filing fees?

We recommend the expungement law firm, They specialize in expungement. They are experienced expungement attorneys, which means they can expunge your record faster and for a better price than most other attorneys. They offer a money-back guarantee, flat fees, and have successfully expunged and cleared records for hundreds of people in Los Angeles.