Expungement in Los Angeles California

To be eligible for expungement in California, you must have been convicted of an offense that ended in probation or was a low level misdemeanor that did not result in probation. For frequently asked questions about the expungement process, you can visit RecordGone’s useful expungement guide here.

Additionally, you must have paid all court fines (except probation costs and court ordered attorney fees) and you must not be serving any sentence or facing any new charges.  Some registerable sex offenses are not eligible.  You can take a free online eligibility test that was created by experienced expungement attorneys by going to http://www.recordgone.com/eligibility

Expungement Costs and Time Required

A petition or motion for expungement is filed in the court where the conviction occurred.  Courts can charge up to $150 per court case.  Los Angeles courts, like all California courts, operate on a first-come, first served basis.  Expungement in California can take anywhere from two weeks to six months, depending on the court.  Los Angeles courts typically take between 4 to 16 weeks to process an expungement.  However, those times can vary.

Notify Background Check Companies of Expungement

It is important to note that courts to not notify background check companies about the expungement.  You must notify background check companies or hire someone to do it, unless you want to wait for the background check company to do its periodic update.    Most background check companies only get updated data from the court on a yearly basis, so there is a chance your expunged record could appear on commercial background checks for up to a year after your record is expunged. Read more about updating a commercial background check.

Hiring An Expungement Attorney

Attorneys in Los Angeles typically charge between $550 and $3,000 for an expungement. To find out more, see our tips to finding a Los Angeles expungement Lawyer.   Do not take legal advice or seek legal representation from anyone other than a licensed attorney.  RecordGone.com is a sponsor of this site.

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How to Expunge your Record


If you have a criminal conviction that resulted in a sentence other than state prison, the chances are you can get that record expunged.
Once expunged, you can say “no” to almost any question that asks if you were ever convicted.

  • This web site gives you the following information about expungement in California:
  • How expungement works in California, with an emphasis on Los Angeles
  • How to determine if you are eligible for expungement in California
  • Important things to consider when hiring an expungement attorney
  • Important things to consider if you are expunging your record yourself
  • Answers to common questions about expungement

Take a free Expungement Eligibility Test
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Free Los Angeles Eligibility Test

Expungement can be a powerful tool to restore your civil rights. Whether you received your offense from a drunk driving DUI incident, want to expunge after probation, rehabilitation, or want to restore your gun rights, ensure you find a proper legal firm for the job.    RecordGone.com is a sponsor of this site.